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Omni Bankruptcy Today Friday, August 17, 2018

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CourtFiledDebtorCase NoAttorneyAssetsLiabilities
E.D.N.Y.8/15/20182745 West 16th Street LLC18-44708Soloman Rosengarten$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
S.D.N.Y.8/15/2018DRISTIN HOLDINGS LLC18-36351Pro Se$500k - $1M$500k - $1M
C.D. Cal.8/15/2018Cabot Operating, LLC18-16909Robert G. Uriarte$0 - $50k$0 - $50k
C.D. Cal.8/15/2018Visiting Nurse Association of the Inland Counties18-16908Todd L. Turoci$1M - $10M$10M - $50M
N.D. Tex.8/15/2018CM Resort LLC18-43168Gerrit M. Pronske$1M - $10M$10M - $50M
N.D. Tex.8/15/2018Jefe Plover Interests, Ltd.18-32722Charles B. Hendricks$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
S.D. Tex.8/15/2018Midway Oilfield Constructors, Inc.18-34567Kimberly A. Bartley$1M - $10M$10M - $50M
S.D. Tex.8/15/2018U.A.E. Houston Enterprise Inc, General Partnership: Mohammed Awad and Ayman Hassouna18-34562Pro Se$500k - $1M$50k - $100k
S.D. Fla.8/15/2018Kantis Enterprises, LLC18-19896Craig I. Kelley$50k - $100k$1M - $10M
E.D. Mich.8/15/2018Preferred Providers, Inc.18-51350Todd M Halbert$100k - $500k$1M - $10M
D.N.J.8/15/2018HG & ZG Corporation18-26374Antonio R. Espinosa$100k - $500k$500k - $1M
N.D. Ga.8/15/2018ASSISTCARE MEDICAL GROUP LLC (Second Filing)18-63738Leonard R Medley III$100k - $500k$500k - $1M
D.N.H.8/15/2018Beebe River Business Park, LLC18-11103Eleanor Wm. Dahar$100k - $500k$100k - $500k
M.D. Tenn.8/15/2018CAROL LLOYD INC. (Second Filing)18-05432Steven L. Lefkovitz$1M - $10M$1M - $10M
E.D. Va.8/15/2018SG Property Management Inc (Second Filing)18-12818Pro Se$100k - $500k$1M - $10M
S.D.N.Y.8/14/2018Jackson Overlook Corp.18-12465Kevin J. Nash$10M - $50M$50M - $100M
E.D.N.Y.8/14/2018NEW VAULT CAFE, INC.18-75487Pro Se$100k - $500k$100k - $500k
C.D. Cal.8/14/2018Mr. Tortilla, Inc.18-12051M. Jonathan Hayes$100k - $500k$1M - $10M
M.D. Fla.8/14/2018Marwa Enterprises, LLC18-02809Sarah Hussein$0 - $50k$500k - $1M
S.D. Fla.8/14/2018New Beginning Missionary Baptist Church Inc.18-19865Peter Spindel, Esq.$500k - $1M$1M - $10M
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